Going on a hiatus

I’ll be away from now till december. I’m really sorry for neglecting this site! I promise to update when I am relatively less busy in dec. As for the requests, I might or might not fulfill them. I’ll try my best to make time out to. Thanks for your understanding! (:


Ringtone Updates (20 September 2009)

Here’s a list of ringtones added this month:

4Minute – MUZIK
AJ – Wipe the Tears (눈물을 닦고)
Brown Eyed Girls – Candy Man
FT Island –  I Hope (바래)
G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
KARA – Mister (미스터)
Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Break Up (우리 헤어지자)
MC Mong – LUV D.N.A (feat. Navi)
Sandara Park – Kiss (feat. CL)
Tei – Mr. Lonely (feat. After School’s Bekah)

Happyface – Show (보여)
ZIA – Farewell Letter (문자로 이별하는 일)

I apologise for the lack of updates and the slow response towards yours questions and requests. As I had mentioned before, school work is overwhelming and I have been caught up in life as well. There are so many songs that I want to make ringtones out of but I seriously lack the time to do so but I will definitely try to fulfill your requests so leave me a note if you have any requests! Lastly, there are several websites and forums that offer free ringtones so do visit those sites if you cannot find what you want here.

Ringtone Updates (10 August 2009)

Hey guys!

I’m back after a LONG hiatus, during which I went on a holiday, completed my summer job and experienced a failed business venture(!!!). My HUGE apologies for not keeping this site updated and for not fulfilling the requests earlier. I have since fulfilled the requests and added some new ringtones. I am quite reluctant to track back and create ringtones of new hits that I’ve missed out so if you really want a particular ringtone, just submit a request and I’ll make it for you. Please also understand that I will be focusing on my studies over the next few months so I will not be updating very often.

Thanks for all your support! (:


Latest Ringtones
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
Fly to the Sky – Sea of Love
KARA – Wanna
Lee Seung Gi –  Will You Marry Me (결혼해 줄래)
MC Mong – Indian Boy
SNSD (Girls’ Generation) –  Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (소원을 말해봐)

2NE1 – I Don’t Care
Park Myung Soo & Jessica (Myungca Drive) – Cold Noodles (냉면)

Ringtone Updates (16 June 2009)

The ‘Ringtones’ page is back with a new layout! Check out the more detailed information on the ringtones, including length of ringtone and parts of the song!

Here are some of the latest ringtones added:

Message / Short Tones from variety show, Two Days One Night / One Night Two Days (aka 1n2d)

Kang Ho Dong – “Fantastic of the World”
Kang Ho Dong  – “Hurry Up, Hurry Up!”
Kang Ho Dong – “I Don’t Think So”
Kang Ho Dong – “So Beautiful”
MC Mong – “Island – I-L-A-N-D”

Beige – Beautiful Words (아름다운 말)
Beige – Awfully (지지리)
Han Una – Mannequin (feat. Maboos) (마네킹)
Hwayobi – Once
KARA – Same Heart (똑 같은 맘)
Kim Dong Hee – Women are Just Like That (여자는 그래…)
Kim Jong Wook – If You Pretend (Feat. Kang Min Kyung) (척하면 척)
Lee Jung Hyun – Crazy
Lee Jung Hyun – Miro II
Lee Jung Hyun – Vogue Girl
V.O.S – In Trouble (큰일이다)
V.O.S – To Luv… (Feat. 2PM Jaebeom)
V.O.S – Cry (울어)
V.O.S – With You
Yoon Gun (Brown Eyes) & Lee Hyori – Pretty (이뻐요)

8eight – Goodbye My Love (잘가요 내사랑)
Clazziquai – Wizard of OZ
Family Outing – Family Day (패밀리의 하루)
Jo Sung Mo – I Was Happy (행복했었다)
K.Will – One Droplet in a Second (1초에 한방울) (Feat. Dynamic Duo)
Lena Park – Tears for You (눈물이 주룩주룩)
Na Hanna – Love is Difficult (사랑이 힘들어)
Shin Hye Sung – You’re Beautiful (그대는 예뻐요)
The S – Yearning for Love (사랑이 그립다)
Tree Bicycle – For the Sake of Love (사랑하기 위해서)
Untouchable – Oh

4minute – Hot Issue
Isu – The Person in my Heart (내 가슴에 사는 사람) (Brilliant Legacy OST)
Jisun – Crazy in Love (사랑에 미쳐서) (Brilliant Legacy OST)
K.Will – Love is Punishment (사랑은 벌이다) (Brilliant Legacy OST)
Kang Ha Ni – Only You (너 하나만) (Brilliant Legacy OST)

애인 있어요 (I Have a Lover)

If you have watched enough korean variety shows and dramas, or have stalked enough korean singers on youtube, the song ‘애인 있어요’ (I Have a Lover), originally sung by Lee Eun Mi, would not be unfamiliar to you. The song was part of Goong S’s and The Last Scandal of My Life’s OSTs, and it left an especially deep impression on me when I watched the latter show because it was such a moving song. Talking about the agony of loving a person that one cherishes so much yet cannot reveal, even having to pretend to have a lover in front of that very person you love, the beautifully melancholic lyrics (see lyrics below) coupled with the heart-wrenching melody makes this song a favourite with anyone who listens to it. And this is perhaps why so many singers, artists, and even amateur performers, have covered this song.

Hear the lady, Lee Eun Mi, sing and be touched by her powerful vocals:

Singers like Seo In Young, Ilac, Taeyeon (SNSD), Tei, Davichi, Super Junior K.R.Y + Donghae, Kangin (SuJu) + Jay (Trax), Sungmin (SuJu), Younha, Alex (Clazziquai), Jo Kwon (2AM), Dia and even actor Lee Bum Soo have all offered their versions of this song. You can also find shorter versions of covers by the amazingly talented Lee Hana, 2PM’s Junsu, as well as a remix by DNT with an added rap for a new twist to the already popular song.

One of my favourite version would have to be the one by Seo In Young. Although she had a flu that day and was not able to hit the high notes, her rendition made me realise what an amazing singer she was and she certainly gave me goosebumps (in a good way) from hearing her sing.

Another popular favourite of netizens is Taeyeon’s version which she sang on her radio show ‘Chin Chin’.

Yet another version that appealed to me was Ilac’s unplugged guitar audio version which he sang on Maybee’s ‘Volume Up’ radio show. Am i wrong to say that Ilac is one of those under-rated talents that deserves a lot more love?

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A Pretty Pretty Music Video

DIA’s ‘사랑해 사랑해’ (I Love You, I Love You) MV is so pretty~

I love the pretty colours and the way the hues blend in with the amazing graphics that are simple yet complementary to the progression of the melody. A music video does not need to have a complicated storyline to attract one’s attention!

다이아 (Do It Acappella) is a 6-member Korean a cappella group. You can find out more about them on their website or cyworld.

Lyrics to this song can be found here.

Credits to jaeuraznMV.

Ringtone Updates (21 May 2009)

I’m back after a long hiatus!! Yay!

I’m trying out a different colour combination. Let me know if it hurts your eyes.

Here’s the updated list of ringtones recently uploaded:

2NE1 – FIRE (several versions uploaded. i’m taking any requests for alternate versions! (: )
2PM – Again and Again
Fly to the Sky – Restriction (구속)
Park Sang Min – On Days When I Think of You (니가 그리운 날엔)

IU – Missing Child (미아)
Lee Seung Chul – Because My Fingernails Fell Out (손톱이 빠져서)
Nasun – Come to Play (놀러와) (feat. Han Seung Yeon of KARA)
Norazo – naedoso (내.도.소)
Park Ji Yoon – In My Fading Memory (바래진 기억에)
SeeYa, Davichi, Ji Yeon (T-ara) – Women’s Generation (여성시대)
SG Wanna Be – Cry Baby My Love (내사랑 울보)

Sei – Miss You Like Rain (그리워 비처럼)
Super Junior – Let’s Not (마주치지 말자)
Super Junior – It’s You (너라고)
Taeyeon – Can You Hear Me (들리나요…)
Uptown – Baby, Baby

Chae Yeon – Shake (흔들려)
Jun Jin – Like a Fool (바보처럼)
Jun Jin – Love Me (날 사랑해라..)
Taegoon – Call Me (Remix)
Taegoon – Superstar (날 사랑해라..)

Ilac – She Then (그때 그 여자)
Lee Soo Young – Erase It (지울꺼야)
Namolla Family – Do Not Call (feat. Tae In) (전화하지마)
Solbi – You Will Be Punished (벌 받을 거야)
Yurisangja – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Again – 603
DNT – I Have A Lover (애인 있어요)
Eve – God Step (Feat. Chung An) (세상에 한걸음)
Horam – Love Left (사랑이 가요 )
Horam – Separation Practice (이별 연습)
IU – Boo
Kim Hyung Joong – Today’s Horoscope (오늘의 운세)
Lim Chang Jung – Whatever You Want (원하던 안 원하던)
Na Yoon Kwon – Shadow (미행)
Suh Young Eun – Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질)
Yoo Chae Young – OK (좋아)

SHINee – Juliette

Baek Ji Young – Love’s Not a Crime (사랑이 죄인가요)
Jang Hye Jin & Hee Young (Gavy NJ) – Twilight (영원토록)
Kim Tae Woo – Memory & Remembrance (기억과 추억) (Feat. Danny, Son Ho Young, Park Joon Hyung)
Taeyeon – If (만약에)