hello (:

Hey everyone! Welcome to Tealfrills’ blog! (:

I’ll be sporadically posting kpop ringtones and other random ramblings.. so do lend me your support!

Here’s wishing all you guys an awesome 2009!




3 Responses to “hello (:”

  1. junsu-is-so-cute Says:

    Hi tealfrills,
    I know you said no request but please, can I have xiah junsu “rainy night” ringtone? It’s a fantastic song! (u gotten to have the ringtone!)

    Yours Truely,

  2. ms mirotic Says:

    Hey where are all the dbsk’s songs?!?!
    “I’ve got you under my skin, lalalallala…” mirotic, please thanks!

  3. eun ji won Says:

    Hi tealfrills,
    This is eun ji won here. Don’t be surprised, yes, this is REALLY EUN JI WON SPEAKING HERE, YOYO. Yozzie tealfrills. Thanks for putting my song dangerous love as one of the ringtones, don’t cha think I look COOL in the mtv? And do catch me on 2 days 1 night. I know, I am totally DA dude of the song


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