BIG BAG – Haru Haru

I died watching the video of BIG BAG’s Haru Haru. It’s HILARIOUS!! My favourite man Park Myung Soo rocked the whole Bong look hahaha. And of course the other members and their crazy acting skills made the video. Junjin seemed like the only sane one and perhaps that’s why he didn’t get as much screentime?

Anyhow, Infinity Challenge rocks!

If you love BIG BAG as much as I do, click here to download the mp3 version of the song.


2 Responses to “BIG BAG – Haru Haru”

  1. zai Says:

    Thx for uploading!

    I love BIG BAG..
    They are just too funny..
    I find Hyung Don the funniest..
    and Myung Soo never fails to disappoint us!!!
    I guess Jun Jin is the only “sane” one as you said..

  2. guess who (: Says:

    I loveeee BIG BAG too!
    And MC Yoo looks like TOP here

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