Epik High Madness

Epik High has once again proven that they have too many screws loose.

Check out their rendition of DBSK’s Mirotic. DJ Tukutz’s overly eager face coupled with Tablo’s psychotically enthusiastic expression simply adds dimension to this song.

And while you’re at that, don’t forget to check out their out-of-sync rendition of KARA’s Rock U. It’s amazing how the chaos created by the 3 members so engrossed in their own singing still makes this song bearable, and enjoyable in fact. DJ Tukutz is once again indulging in his girly voice, while Tablo and Mithra Jin just lost all sanity screaming “Shake it shake it…”. I’d take this version over the original anytime.

If you can’t get enough of Epik High’s madness, their renditions of Wonder Girl’s Nobody and Crown J’s Fly Boy will certainly leave you with a bad stomachache from all that laughing.

[This post is dedicated to Ong.]


2 Responses to “Epik High Madness”

  1. ong Says:


  2. muffins Says:

    hahaha, YES WE WILLLLLLL. tablo is funny! and so is his partner too. and guess who i am!

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