MC Mong has done it again!

Continuing from the previous post, here’s another CF featuring both Eun Ji Won and MC Mong.

First, he frightened our Eun Cho-ding with his monkey face. Now, the monkey-gone-smarty pwns Jiwon again as he outsmarts him with his jumper in a cup.

MC Mong loses his monkey image in this cf for that of a cool, resourceful character that makes for priceless humour (cuz it just doesn’t make sense!) Don’t get carried away being amazed by MC Mong just yet! Our poor freezing cho-ding needs your love as well so focus your attention on the adorable face of Jiwon! (please excuse my fangirl love for Jiwon, haha)

On a side note, doesn’t the snowy weather remind you of the haenam episode on 1n2d??

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