Infinity Challenge ‘Gee’ Parody

The Infinity Challenge guys are back again with an awesome and ROFL-worthy parody. It’s SNSD’s ‘Gee’, except that it’s now ‘에너gee (Energee)’. If you think they’re insane attempts at acting cute like teenage girls and making those doe-eyed faces are hilarious enough, check out the mad lyrics as well and you’re sure to be more than entertained.

Am I the only one who thinks that Jun Jin (and maybe even Noh Hong Chul) looks really pretty (minus that stubble of moustache)? And that PMS always tickles our funny bone with his strange attempts at being a fresh-faced girl with a stiff smile? Or that MC Yoo looks like a real ajumma? And that Jung Hyung Don is so adorable being his pseudo-wife Taeyeon?

These guys.. oh sorry I meant to say men (“I’m a man” hahahaha) never fail to amaze me with their talent at making us laugh and pulling the nastiest things off perfectly!

One Response to “Infinity Challenge ‘Gee’ Parody”

  1. muffins Says:

    HAHAHA! This is grossly funny! PMS wins hands down as jessica, woohoo! the guy with the pink headband also quite funny! and yes, junjin still looks good despite the gross outfit lor

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