PMS = Love

I absolutely adore Park Myung Soo and he is definitely one guy who can bring a smile to my face with just a single frown of his. Perhaps that was a mild description of the prowess of PMS for his comedic effect can bring much greater impact like causing you to launch into an uncontrollable fit of laughter that might result in momentary breathing difficulties and stomachache that usually only comes from doing 20 sit-ups non-stop. His ridiculous comments, unreasonable actions, indignant attitude and loud screams are far from annoying and sure entertain me a great deal.

I feel obliged to share this unique charisma of PMS with you in this video that features the highlights of PMS on X-Man. Please click here for the video (Highly recommended for all PMS fans!).

And if you haven’t already seen this, here’s a video of PMS vs Tim in the ‘Of Course’ segment of X-man where PMS displays his amazing limited yet powerful English-speaking skills (I love how this clip displays the close relationship that Lee Seung Gi has with PMS and also how Kang Ho Dong = Sad Face. Too many highlights in this clip!):

How can one forget the nonsensical quarrels between PMS and Ji Sang Ryul when the 2 powerhouses pit their volumes against each other (It’s funny how they take offense at each other’s actions and words so easily):

AND this really hilarious banter between PMS and Jung Joon Ho:

These videos sure kept me alive while I had to mug for my midterms! However, they also kept me away from my books haha. BE WARNED!

(Credits to riddlebox2001, LetsTryOneMoreTime, woohan and youpitsback)


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