Do you love instrumentals?

I have never been a big fan of piano versions/instrumentals of pop songs but there are the occasional talents out there who amaze me with their remarkable skills. Here’s one girl, Melissa (aka smr00 on youtube), who’s one such talent and she’s certainly wowed me with her ability to improvise and play kpop songs by ear, which I can assure you, is not something the average joe out there who has some piano-playing skills can do!

Wonderbang fans will love this medley of songs by the Wonder Girls and Big Bang. The songs of the 2 groups are alternated and they include ‘So Hot’, ‘Lies’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Haru Haru’, ‘Nobody’ and ‘Last Farewell’.

Her talent doesn’t end there because she is endowed with an amazingly sweet voice as well. Although she does mostly instrumentals, I really like her cover of KaRa’s ‘Honey’ out of all her videos and she sings it as well as KARA, if not better! Kudos to her for turning this group song into an enjoyable solo piece!

Thumbs up to the great talents out there! Leave her an encouraging comment if you like her instrumentals. (:


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