Ringtone Updates (18 April 2009)

Here’s a list of updates on the ringtones added over the past 2 months:

Bobby Kim – Reason
Bobby Kim – Love.. That Person (사랑..그 놈)
DBSK – Wrong Number
FT Island – Bad Woman (나쁜여자야)
Gavy NJ – Impulse (울컥)
Lee Su Geun – Let’s Go Until (갈때까지 가보자)
M.C the Max – Goodbye to Romance

Davichi – 8282
Daesung – It’s a Big Hit (대박이야!)
Fly to the Sky – Throwing you away (가버려 너)
Kim Jong Kook – Happy Virus (행복병)
SNSD (Girls’ Generation) – Dear. Mom
Wheesung – Insomnia

A’st1 – Yearning of the Heart (아쉬운 마음인 걸)
DBSK – Mirotic (Chinese version)
MC Mong – So Fresh
SS501 – Making a Lover (애인 만들기)
T-Max – Wish Ur My Love

Ashily – Lucky
Byul – When I Watch a Drama (드라마를 보면)
Davichi – I Made a Blunder (사고쳤어요)
Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry
Typhoon – Song of Hope (희망가)


2AM – A Friend’s Confession (친구의 고백)
8eight – Without A Heart (심장이 없어)
Son Dam Bi- Saturday Night (토요일 밤에)
Super Junior – Heartquake (이별 넌 쉽니)

Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop
Epik High – Map The Soul
J-Walk – Should I Love You (사랑한다 외쳐요)
Rumble Fish – The Heart of One Person (한사람을 위한 마음)
Tiffany – By Myself (나 혼자서)

AJ – Dancing Shoes
Bae Seul Ki – Tiresome (지겨워)
K.Will – A Girl, Meets Love (소녀, 사랑을 만나다)
K.Will – Tears Are Dropping (눈물이 뚝뚝)
KCM – Staying Far Away (멀리있기)
KCM – Do Well When You Can (있을때잘해)
Lim Chang Jung – Long Time No See (오랜만이야)
Wheesung – Rain Drop
ZIA – Like That (그런다면서)
ZIA – Feels Like It’s Breaking (터질 것 같아)
ZIA – At the End of Love (사랑끄트머리)

Hwayobi – Men Don’t Know (남자는 모른다)
(New versions added. The old version (Version 3) was simply too long and I had always wanted to redo it.)
Lee Min Ho – Extreme
T (Yoon Mi Rae) – Don’t Leave (떠나지마…)

Navi – Heart Damage (feat. Crown J) (마음이 다쳐서)

After School – Diva
Big Bang – So Fresh, So Cool (Hite CF Song)
Davichi – My Man
Younha – 1. 2. 3

Kim Jong Kook – You’re Loveable (사랑스러워)
Lee Seung Gi – Tears (눈물)
Lee Seung Gi – On the Road to Vacation (여행 가는 길)

Younha – Peace Love & Ice Cream


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