Ringtone Updates (21 May 2009)

I’m back after a long hiatus!! Yay!

I’m trying out a different colour combination. Let me know if it hurts your eyes.

Here’s the updated list of ringtones recently uploaded:

2NE1 – FIRE (several versions uploaded. i’m taking any requests for alternate versions! (: )
2PM – Again and Again
Fly to the Sky – Restriction (구속)
Park Sang Min – On Days When I Think of You (니가 그리운 날엔)

IU – Missing Child (미아)
Lee Seung Chul – Because My Fingernails Fell Out (손톱이 빠져서)
Nasun – Come to Play (놀러와) (feat. Han Seung Yeon of KARA)
Norazo – naedoso (내.도.소)
Park Ji Yoon – In My Fading Memory (바래진 기억에)
SeeYa, Davichi, Ji Yeon (T-ara) – Women’s Generation (여성시대)
SG Wanna Be – Cry Baby My Love (내사랑 울보)

Sei – Miss You Like Rain (그리워 비처럼)
Super Junior – Let’s Not (마주치지 말자)
Super Junior – It’s You (너라고)
Taeyeon – Can You Hear Me (들리나요…)
Uptown – Baby, Baby

Chae Yeon – Shake (흔들려)
Jun Jin – Like a Fool (바보처럼)
Jun Jin – Love Me (날 사랑해라..)
Taegoon – Call Me (Remix)
Taegoon – Superstar (날 사랑해라..)

Ilac – She Then (그때 그 여자)
Lee Soo Young – Erase It (지울꺼야)
Namolla Family – Do Not Call (feat. Tae In) (전화하지마)
Solbi – You Will Be Punished (벌 받을 거야)
Yurisangja – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Again – 603
DNT – I Have A Lover (애인 있어요)
Eve – God Step (Feat. Chung An) (세상에 한걸음)
Horam – Love Left (사랑이 가요 )
Horam – Separation Practice (이별 연습)
IU – Boo
Kim Hyung Joong – Today’s Horoscope (오늘의 운세)
Lim Chang Jung – Whatever You Want (원하던 안 원하던)
Na Yoon Kwon – Shadow (미행)
Suh Young Eun – Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질)
Yoo Chae Young – OK (좋아)

SHINee – Juliette

Baek Ji Young – Love’s Not a Crime (사랑이 죄인가요)
Jang Hye Jin & Hee Young (Gavy NJ) – Twilight (영원토록)
Kim Tae Woo – Memory & Remembrance (기억과 추억) (Feat. Danny, Son Ho Young, Park Joon Hyung)
Taeyeon – If (만약에)


2 Responses to “Ringtone Updates (21 May 2009)”

  1. Therese Says:

    hey i just stumbled across ur website and im interested in hearing ur dbsk wrong number, taegoon call me and park ji yoon’s in my fading memory ringtones! =D
    idk how to download them tho T__T

  2. tealfrills Says:

    Hi Therese!
    You can click on the ‘Ringtones’ link on the left column or access the page via the link: https://tealfrills.wordpress.com/ringtones/. I have added the mediafire links to each individual ringtone there and you can also check out my 4shared folder for the same ringtones. Hope this helps! (:

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