Ringtone Updates (16 June 2009)

The ‘Ringtones’ page is back with a new layout! Check out the more detailed information on the ringtones, including length of ringtone and parts of the song!

Here are some of the latest ringtones added:

Message / Short Tones from variety show, Two Days One Night / One Night Two Days (aka 1n2d)

Kang Ho Dong – “Fantastic of the World”
Kang Ho Dong  – “Hurry Up, Hurry Up!”
Kang Ho Dong – “I Don’t Think So”
Kang Ho Dong – “So Beautiful”
MC Mong – “Island – I-L-A-N-D”

Beige – Beautiful Words (아름다운 말)
Beige – Awfully (지지리)
Han Una – Mannequin (feat. Maboos) (마네킹)
Hwayobi – Once
KARA – Same Heart (똑 같은 맘)
Kim Dong Hee – Women are Just Like That (여자는 그래…)
Kim Jong Wook – If You Pretend (Feat. Kang Min Kyung) (척하면 척)
Lee Jung Hyun – Crazy
Lee Jung Hyun – Miro II
Lee Jung Hyun – Vogue Girl
V.O.S – In Trouble (큰일이다)
V.O.S – To Luv… (Feat. 2PM Jaebeom)
V.O.S – Cry (울어)
V.O.S – With You
Yoon Gun (Brown Eyes) & Lee Hyori – Pretty (이뻐요)

8eight – Goodbye My Love (잘가요 내사랑)
Clazziquai – Wizard of OZ
Family Outing – Family Day (패밀리의 하루)
Jo Sung Mo – I Was Happy (행복했었다)
K.Will – One Droplet in a Second (1초에 한방울) (Feat. Dynamic Duo)
Lena Park – Tears for You (눈물이 주룩주룩)
Na Hanna – Love is Difficult (사랑이 힘들어)
Shin Hye Sung – You’re Beautiful (그대는 예뻐요)
The S – Yearning for Love (사랑이 그립다)
Tree Bicycle – For the Sake of Love (사랑하기 위해서)
Untouchable – Oh

4minute – Hot Issue
Isu – The Person in my Heart (내 가슴에 사는 사람) (Brilliant Legacy OST)
Jisun – Crazy in Love (사랑에 미쳐서) (Brilliant Legacy OST)
K.Will – Love is Punishment (사랑은 벌이다) (Brilliant Legacy OST)
Kang Ha Ni – Only You (너 하나만) (Brilliant Legacy OST)


2 Responses to “Ringtone Updates (16 June 2009)”

  1. mysterious Guest Says:

    HELLO tealfrill!! guess who i am!

    i’m someone who learnt abt this site 2 days ago..:P

    asapargus tastes good! haha;)

  2. tealfrills Says:

    hahaha.. Welcome mysterious Guest!
    I know it’s you ebi. i love the taste of ebi too! (:

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