Ringtone Updates (20 September 2009)

Here’s a list of ringtones added this month:

4Minute – MUZIK
AJ – Wipe the Tears (눈물을 닦고)
Brown Eyed Girls – Candy Man
FT Island –  I Hope (바래)
G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
KARA – Mister (미스터)
Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Break Up (우리 헤어지자)
MC Mong – LUV D.N.A (feat. Navi)
Sandara Park – Kiss (feat. CL)
Tei – Mr. Lonely (feat. After School’s Bekah)

Happyface – Show (보여)
ZIA – Farewell Letter (문자로 이별하는 일)

I apologise for the lack of updates and the slow response towards yours questions and requests. As I had mentioned before, school work is overwhelming and I have been caught up in life as well. There are so many songs that I want to make ringtones out of but I seriously lack the time to do so but I will definitely try to fulfill your requests so leave me a note if you have any requests! Lastly, there are several websites and forums that offer free ringtones so do visit those sites if you cannot find what you want here.


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