This site is mainly dedicated to sharing kpop ringtones with all you kpop fans out there! I will also upload some videos from youtube that I find interesting and share my love for korean variety and music with you.

About the Ringtones
The Ringtones that I make vary in length due to the fact that I select the parts that I like and I also try to link the ending nicely to the start so that it sounds better when put on repeat. If the ringtones are beyond the length that your handphone accepts and you would like a shorter version, you can make a request in the format listed on the ‘Ringtones’ page and I’ll gladly shorten it for you! The list of ringtones may be far from comprehensive but please understand that I only make ringtones of songs that I like or that are current hits on the charts.
The ringtones are in mp3 format so they should be compatible with many models of phones. (:

Why did I start sharing my ringtones?
Well, I used to make ringtones for my own use and had gathered a small collection so I decided to put them to good use and share them with my friends. And since I was really bored and wanted to do something meaningful, I created this site to share my ringtoens with others!

Why ‘Tealfrills’?
It’s a really random choice. I wanted something that rhymed and came up with ‘teal’ and ‘frill’ (ok they don’t rhyme in the strictest sense but I was too lazy to think of something else). Since adding an ‘s’ made more sense n sounded nicer, ‘tealfrills’ was born!

Do I use all the ringtones I create?
Nope. In fact, my hp ringtone has not changed for months. I mostly use ringtones as morning alarms and change them when I start to get sick of them. I was actually wondering how people (especially those who download a lot of ringtones) used these ringtones!

About me
I’m an undergrad majoring in history.
As for my love for kpop, my interest started only quite recently and I have a greater interest in korean variety shows than music. I first encountered korean music from the dramas that I watch and thought they sounded nice and later on when I started watching korean variety programmes, I started to learn more about the Kpop artists and their songs and that’s how I got hooked on it. If I remember correctly, my first kpop addiction was Kim Jong Kook and there was also Sung Si Kyung after him. (: Admittedly, I listen to a lot of mainstream music but I’m trying to diversify my tastes so if you have any good recommendations, please tell me about them!


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